Tools Steels


Classification of steels

Materials in which the mass fraction of Fe is greater than that of any other element and which contain generally less than 2% C and other elements.  2% C is the borderline for distinguishing steel from cast iron (exception : certain chromium steels containing more than 2% C).

Special Steels
Alloyed special steels are characterised by their precise adjustment and control of chemical composition, and specific production and process control and test conditions, to ensure improved service properties which are often specified in combination and within very closely controlled limits.
Unalloyed special steel features lower inclusion level than quality steel and is generally intended for hardening and tempering or surface hardening (uniform response to heat treatment).
Tool steels are a category of alloyed special steels; and in tool steels, they are divided according to the field of applications and the service condtions, into cold work tool steels, hot work tool steels and plastic mould steels.

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Tool steels applications