A brief history of BÖHLER Group

From hammer forging beginning in the middle ages, driven by water power, inventors, ideas, patents and to the establishing of companies in the pioneer age of the European heavy industries.  Revolutionary advances, reorganisation, new technology, and continued growth.  BÖHLER has become the inheritors of revolutionary inventions and is aware of the responsibility that carries. Steel has a long tradition in the towns in which BÖHLER is based.  But the real success story began in 1870.  Albert and Emil Böhler purchased steel from a number of different manufacturers and sold it from their company in Vienna.  Due to the great success they were able to buy the mill in Kapfenberg, Styria in 1894 and modernised and expanded production impressively.

The history of BÖHLER is synonymous with the history and the development of steelmaking technology; and its brand name with quality.

1446    First hammer forge in Kapfenberg - Owner: Arnold Taubenprunner

1870    GEBRÜDER BÖHLER & Co. company was founded in Vienna

1894    Acquisition of Kapfenberg’s steel mill

1900    BÖHLER developed the revolutionary high speed steel - “BÖHLER Rapid”

1950    After 2 years of testing, Kapfenberg started a continuous casting plant

1967    Building of the special melting shop, development and starting of the electroslag remelting (ESR) plant

1970    The 45MN hydraulic press and the SX55 rotary forging machine were put into operation

1975    BÖHLER, Schoeller-Bleckmann and Steirische Gusstahl Werke AG were brought together in Vereinigte Edelstahl Werke AG (VEW)

1986    The vacuum arc furnace started remelting of heavy-duty materials

1988    New foundation of BÖHLER company by the division of Vereinige Edelstahl Werke AG (VEW) into BÖHLER GmbH and Schoeller-Bleckmann GmbH

1988    The multi-line rolling mill started the production of steel bars

1990    Voest Alpine Stahl AG buys Uddeholm AB

1991   New organisation of Austria’s BÖHLER Group inside the BÖHLER-UDDEHOLM AG:

• BÖHLER Edelstahl GmbH
• BÖHLER Schmiedetechnik GmbH
• BÖHLER Schweisstechnik Austria GmbH
• BÖHLER Bleche GmbH
• BÖHLER Ybbstal Werke GmbH

1994    100 years of BÖHLER in Kapfenberg

1995/6 Privatisation of BÖHLER-UDDEHOLM AG

1999    Start of the production of our new plant for powder metallurgical high speed and tool steels

2000    The vacuum induction furnace (VIM) started melting of heavy-duty materials

2003    Commissioning of an AOD-CONVERTER; to add to capacity, ensuring the optimisation of the steel production

2008/9 Voestalpine AG completes the takeover of BÖHLER-UDDEHOLM AG

2010    Installation of PROFORGE RF100 rotary forging machine, the largest of its kind worldwide

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Bohler Mill in the early days