Terms & Conditions of Sales


1.   Bohlasia Steels Sdn Bhd (thereinafter referred to as Bohlasia) only do business upon and subject to the terms and conditions printed below which shall be deemed to be incorporated to the exclusion of any terms inconsistent therewith in any order received or accepted.  All printed Quotations and Estimates are subject to alteration without notice and all orders are subject to Bohlasia's acceptance.

2.   If Bohlasia's obligations or any of them shall be prevented, hindered or interfered with by war, strikes, accidents or Vis Major or by any cause whatsoever and however beyond Bohlasia's control, Bohlasia shall have the option to suspend or cancel any obligation then unperformed.

3.   Accounts must be paid by the due date strictly in accordance with the terms set out in the Bohlasia quotation.  Overdue accounts are strictly nett and liable to interest at a rate of 1.5% per month.  While any account of a Purchaser is overdue Bohlasia reserves the right to suspend performance of any of their obligations to such Purchaser.

4.   All quotations are given and goods and materials sold subject to the conditions that in the event of any goods or materials or parts thereof proved to have been defective when they left Bohlasia's works, then Bohlasia's liability in respect of those defective goods or materials or parts thereof, shall be limited to the replacement or repair of such defective goods or materials or parts thereof, or credit for the cost thereof, provided that:

a.   No liability is accepted for the goods which are proved to be defective in design.

b.   No liability is accepted for failure of goods supplied by Bohlasia which have been subject to any process after leaving their works.

c.   It is assumed that the buyer will inspect or use the goods or materials supplied within 30 days of delivery and therefore no liability is accepted by Bohlasia for defects in goods or materials supplied the details of which are not made known by the buyer to Bohlasia within 30 days of delivery.

d.   Bohlasia will not be responsible for any expenses or costs incurred by the buyer in connection for any claimed defects without Bohlasia's prior written consent.  Bohlasia exclude liability for the cost of any machine work, labour charges or any losses or damages incurred due to using or machining defective material furnished by Bohlasia.

e.   Bohlasia exclude liability and will not be responsible for any breach or warranty or negligence for any consequential damages or for any costs incurred by the buyer through the use of, inability to use or sale of any defective or unsatisfactory material supplied by Bohlasia, or through the use of, inability to use or sale of any products by the buyer which have been manufactured using any defective or unsatisfactory material supplied by Bohlasia.

5.   Subject to the foregoing Bohlasia will replace free of charge any goods which they supply and which fail, or prove to be faulty or defective, provided that Bohlasia shall have an opportunity of inspecting and accepting responsibility for such goods, and shall be under no further or other obligation or liability whatsoever for or in respect of any failure or defect in any goods whatsoever supplied or manufactured by the manufacturers.

6.   All consignments will be forwarded either by Bohlasia's own vehicles or by Public Carrier.  No allowance will be made for carriage where goods are collected from Bohlasia warehouses by Purchasers or where goods are delivered to Purchasers local depot.  Claims against Carriers with regard to damage pilferage or non-delivery on carriage paid deliveries should be notified to Bohlasia within two days of receipt.

7.   If goods are made to Purchaser's pattern or specifications, no responsibility can be accepted for the infringement of any Patent and the Purchasers agree to indemnify Bohlasia against any loss in respect of any proceedings or otherwise resulting from the execution of Purchaser's orders.

8.   All technical information in our catalogues/brochures is purely descriptive.  Assurances given therein with respect to the properties or uses of any goods or materials or the fitness for any purpose should not be relied upon save in such case where Bohlasia has confirmed those properties or uses, or fitness for purpose in writing to the buyer.  In addition whilst all the information has been thoroughly checked in our catalogues/brochures, no liability is assumed for printing or translation errors.  Similarly no representation made by any representative of Bohlasia as to properties or uses or fitness for purpose of any goods or materials should be relied upon save in so far as those representations as to properties, uses or fitness for purpose are made in writing by Bohlasia to the buyer.

9.   Representation by the customer
The customer is aware of EU and US regulations regarding sanctions against Iran and Syria and similar regulations or statutory provisions in place as well as voestalpine’s group policy to control that none of our products are delivered into Iran or Syria (collectively “Regulations”). The customer will fully obey these Regulations non-regarding their applicability on him and will neither (i) deliver the products into Iran or Syria nor resell the products to anyone he knows will do so nor (ii) circumvent this provision in any other way.

10. Representation by the customer
The customeris aware of the voestalpine Code of Conduct available at http://www.voestalpine.com/group/en/group/code-of-conduct and shall undertake to comply with this Code of Conduct.

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